Weight Loss

It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults are obese in the UK. Being overweight or obese can have many detrimental effects on your health and well-being. To find out more about weight loss and the treatment options available, read our FAQ below.

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Losing weight?

The most widely utilised mechanisms of weight loss are centred on dietary changes and increased exercise. Essentially the simple idea is to reduce the calorific intake and ‘burn’ the excess stored calories.

Causes of obesity?

It is mainly a simple loss of equilibrium of the energy intake and energy utilised. Inactivity and eating more than required are the main causes. There are also medical and psychological causes of weight gain aswell as some medical treatment.

Dangers of obesity

Obesity is related to many health conditions including:

  •        Cancers of the gastrointestinal tract
  •        Endometrial cancer
  •        Heart disease
  •        High blood pressure
  •        Diabetes

Ideal weight and BMI

Ideal weight depends on one’s sex, height, age and possibly ethnicity too. Obesity around the abdomen ‘pot belly’ is considered the most harmful. A simple method to calculate your ‘ideal’ weight is using the Body Mass Index (BMI) It is a simple calculation where you divide your weight by your height squared. Ideal range is 18.5 to 24.9. Above 25 is considered overweight.

When can I use weight loss pill?

There are many ways one can attempt to lose weight. Some measures are easy to integrate into your lifestyle without referring it to as dieting:

  •        Eliminate sugary drinks
  •        Eliminate fast and processed foods
  •        Increase intake of salads and vegetable
  •        Daily brisk walking for 45 minutes

  When these and other techniques you have tried have failed, there are medical weight loss options that could be suitable for you. At AccessDoctor we are able to offer Xenical and Saxenda. Combined with your lifestyle modifications these are highly successful in helping you to reduce weight.

Precautions and Side-effects

Possible adverse effects include:

  •        Low blood sugar
  •        Diarrhoea
  •        Steatorrhea
  •        Dehydration
  •        Pancreatitis

For a comprehensive list of precautions and side-effects please read the attached product information leaflet (PIL) for each treatment.

Difference between the pills and injections?

Pills work by stopping absorption of fat from your diet. It prevents around a third of your dietary fat from being absorbed directly passing through your system. Injections work by reducing your appetite and controlling your blood sugar levels. For detailed mechanism of action please see individual product FAQs.

How long will this treatment last?

Every treatment and response to it are different and depend on many things. If you have not reached more than 5% weight loss after 3 months of starting either Xenical or Saxenda, you should stop the treatment.