Period Delay

Period delay treatment gives you the freedom to manage your own life. It allows you to prepare for whatever big event is waiting around the corner such as a:

- Work commitment 
- Special occasion 
- Sporting event.

To learn more about methods of safely delaying your period, as well as how to order the medication Norethisterone, please see below.

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What is Period delay?

Period delay refers to delaying of the normal menstrual period with medical treatment. There are numerous ways to do this.
At AccessDoctor, we provide a clinically proven medical treatment to predictably delay your period.

Why delay your period?

There a many legitimate reasons to delay the onset of your regular period and alter its timing, these include: 

  • Going on vacation
  • Frequent swimmers
  • Participating in sporting events
  • Busy work commitments
  • For a busy work week
  • Big occasions e.g. wedding
  • Festivals/pilgrimage
  • Long haul flights or long-distance travel

There are many other good reasons to delay your period and the clearest benefit being better control of when your period starts. Whatever the reasons are, we can provide you an effective treatment option.

How to delay your period

The most well-known medical treatment for delaying period is by taking Norethisterone. Details of its mechanism of action, how to take it, precautions and side-effects can be found when you click on Norethisterone.