Motion Sickness

Motion sickness, is a common condition that some people experience when they are travelling by train, boat car or plane. 

Pharmadocs can provide you with proven anti-sickness medications to make your next journey a better experience.

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What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness also called travel sickness is a disorder that involves feeling nauseated (sick) when travelling. It is not always associated with vomiting. Other symptoms include cold sweats, dizziness, palor and headaches.   The most common form of motion sickness is when traveling by car (car-sickness). Travelling by boat is another common form of motion sickness. Infact any mode of transportation is associated with motion sickness including planes, trains and even amusement rides.

What causes travel sickness?

When you experience motion, the vestibular system (ears) send numerous messages to the brain and then to your body to establish balance. This precise mechanism and equilibrium is altered when the body is overwhelmed (bumpy roads, rocky seas) with signals when in transit, furthermore other sensory organs such as your eyes which can see your body is not moving will be sending contradictory messages to your brain, the brain becomes confused. This leads to the symptoms of motion sickness. The sensitivity of the vestibular system and its ability to adjust to external vibrations is different in every individual. This determines how susceptible you are to motion sickness.  

How can I treat travel sickness?

Often the symptoms resolve by themselves as soon as the journey has ended. However, if you are a frequent traveller or have predictable journeys you can plan for you may want some anti sickness medications to make your journey more pleasant. 

At AccessDoctor, we offer effective medications that will help you reduce your symptoms of motion sickness. Hyoscine and antihistamines are the most popular medications.

They are the preferred treatment option for many and has a long established use in anti-sickness.  Avomine is a well-tolerated and popular treatment option. Please note, although there is a dosage form for children, at Access Doctor we can only supply Avomine to adults.  

Hyoscine is available in various forms including patches and tablets. It is the most effective anti-sickness medicine available.   AccessDoctor are able to supply you two popular hyoscine medications 1.Kwells (tablet) and 2. Scopederm (patches) to suit all your needs and applications.  

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